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I have a well mannered TB who after reading through your website I suspect has a sensitive tongue?
I use him for eventing and when I warm him up for dressage he starts the ride by coughing when I start to pick up a contact, and has put his tongue over the bit a few times. Once I get him so he is listening, he often gets against my hands in my transitions by raising his head and/or getting hard and I have to pull harder. I was hoping you could suggest a good bit for him that is dressage legal?
When jumping he also gets against me and I even though he doesn't increase his pace he ignores me and continues to be hard in the mouth when I'm trying to balance him.
I have tried a hard Vulcan Mullen mouth Pelham which he responded to well but seemed a little to backed off with and tight. So I tried a soft rubber Mullen mouth Pelham and he seemed to be similar to when I jump him in a snaffle?
I was also hoping you could recommend a bit for him for jumping as well?
Thanks so much

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Hi Cristina,

I believe you are correct and your horse has a sensitive tongue.

Dressage can be difficult because there are no true tongue relief bits that are legal. The best we can do is the Loose Ring Ultra Comfy. This bit is angles to go up and over the tongue, while it doesn't relieve the tongue completely of pressure, it does reduce the pressure by quite a lot.

For the Jumping I recommend a Happy Tongue mouth piece. This mouth piece gives very good tongue relief. Choosing a cheek piece for the Jumping will depend on whether you need any extra poll pressure and leverage on the mouth piece. If possible a Loose Ring would be great, but if you need a little more then I would go to a 2½ Ring.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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