Can a hackamore be used with a bit?

Can I use a hackamore with a bit?

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We can recommend the BT hackamore which is designed to be used with a bit.

You will see that the shank has two options for the rein which makes the length adjustable.
You also have the option of using the leather or the chain for the curb and again there are two positions for fitting these which creates more or less pressure as desired. There is also the option of the covered chain or leather for the noseband. There are 3 screws on the “cam” – by removing one or two the action of the poll pressure is slowed down more as each screw is removed. (do not loose these screws!) By leaving all 3 screws in place you will see that the poll action is quickest.

Please note that the positioning of the bit is crucial so that the noseband is high enough up so as not to sit on the very fine bones in the nose which could easily be damaged.

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