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My son's pony came in a wilkie snaffle. She had a tendency to run faster and faster in canter if he pulled on her mouth to slow down so he has worked out how to steady her without hanging on her mouth and can manage her at home. She has a high head carriage and soemtimes a tendency to overbend and is quite locked on the left rein. She also doesn't stretch into contact consistently. When we are in any excitable situation jumping/cross country training he can't hold her and she tanks off with him getting faster and faster. His pony club teacher put her in a dutch gag on the third ring - he has control then but it's not good for her as her head is then so deep into her chest she started to stop. So I think we are looking for something that will encourage her to stretch into contact but that also has brakes - and that isn't going to hurt her or prevent her stretching over a fence. We are trying a simple loose ring snaffle at home which is a bit thicker than her wilkie but she doesn't seem completely happy in it and no way he'd hold her in it out and about. She has a very long narrow muzzle.

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