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Hi, I'm looking for some advice for my Morgan for XC. He's a bit of a tank… he's more chunky cob like then typical leaner hotter flighty morgan. Big bone, and thick nexk that can feel like a 4x4 when he's avoiding things, but also reactive and strong when things get exciting. His thing is more about being stiff and strong because he doesn't realize how strong he actually is when he's excited. at home we can ride in a snaffle. at a show, it can be like a woah dammit!! He competes Training level (3'3") eventing. Wicked brave and locks onto jumps, turning is more of the issue on xc now if he locks onto the wrong jump, he turns well off leg and seat aids, but lil pony power comes into play at events. Very honest and clever though! I had taken him xc with a port D ring, his mom was great in it as she was similar, he was good but its lacked some steering but gave better breaks, but I don't like it as much for xc as it can push his tongue back to far and when he's really excited its to fixed and. We're a big fan of the waterford bits and moved to that, and Lucinda Green put us in a wterford full cheek gag at one of her clinics as he was a being a bit of a butthead and not listening and just going for the fences. we use two reins so i have the option of the gag, He's been quite good in that. I have had a couple events where he's locked onto a wrong fence though (often larger..) and turning him off it was difficult. My instructor rode him at a show and said steering and stopping off the bit was more what she felt then him charging at fences, as you can put leg on and he will wait before a fence,and he's honest and clever. he just avoids really sitting and using his hind end when he can. (drop and downhill jumps is when we have most difficulty) his flat continues to improve along with his canter, but we need to ride with more canter for the hind end power, but when it doubt he will avoid sitting and rocking back when he's pumped up around SJ and XC. he does seem to be able to lean onto things, as he was ok in combo bits but can stiffen against them. His dressage bit is a loose ring KK with football middle piece and he's pretty good (but again when we try something new or hard he stiffens his morgan tank neck, especially behind his ears/throat latch like a draft cross. Ive recently been riding him and even jumping stadium at home in a Nathe loose ring and he's been wonderful. Haven't taken it to a competition but Im going to buy the Bombers Blue Loose Ring for dressage so I thought id ask for advice for xc/sj too as i really like how he felt in the soft mouthpiece for dressage, but would need a bit more for xc/jumping

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Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for your detailed question!

Going softer and softer is almost always the solution when there are difficulties with the bit.

Thank you for attaching the pictures as well, it is always great to see the horse we are talking about! He's a lovely boy!!

I recommend the Williams Happy Tongue Petros for him.

The Williams cheek piece has two options for rein placement, it will give you poll pressure as well as leverage on the mouth piece. The Williams is also a fairly solid cheek piece, which will aid with your turning when he locks onto the incorrect jump!

The Happy Tongue mouth piece will remove the pressure from his tongue, which makes this bit super soft. The Petros rollers make the sides of the mouth piece, the part that sits on the bars, rotate. This has no effect when he is going along smoothly, but when he stiffens and tries to hold the bit, the rotation will mean that he can't hold it, this in turn will soften him up very quickly.


Claire @ Bombers
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